Component-based UI testing

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Relish Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps required to create a Relish test suite for a simple task management application.

You can find the completed code in the example-selenide folder of the repo. When completed, the tutorial will run this sequence of automated tests:


  1. Creating the project A walkthrough of creating the tasks tutorial testing project.

  2. Create our tests Create a feature file for a user story.

  3. Relish components Starting our first proper scenario using Relish components.

  4. Adding tasks Sending data to a form and asserting the contents of a table.

  5. Adding more fields How Relish deals with the impact of changing the data model.

  6. Deleting tasks Adding interactive components to a table, and working with TableRow objects.

  7. Editing tasks Handling table columns without headings and filtering rows.

  8. Custom components If you re-use components in your, you should consider re-using components in your tests.